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Each piece in my multi layered resin collection undergoes a dedicated creative process that spans between nine and 14 days. With a minimum of six layers, each meticulously applied and requiring drying periods of 24 to 48 hours, my art comes to life with an extraordinary depth. I take pride in mixing my colors using high-quality artist pigments, ensuring that each original carries the essence of my vision and my recognizable color pallete. To protect and preserve my creations, I exclusively use nontoxic museum and conservation-grade epoxy resin, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty that won't yellow with age. What makes these creations truly one-of-a-kind is the breathtaking depth achieved through many layers, creating an almost three-dimensional effect. I invite you to interact with each piece, as they beckon to be picked up and explored. By moving them around, you can witness the captivating color-changing and holographic effects that unfold within the intricate layers. 


"Desert Dreamscapes" is inspired by the untamed wildlife and majestic landscapes of the American West, this collection transports you to the ancient and mystical realms of the desert. Throughout history, this otherworldly terrain has drawn seekers of enlightenment, offering transformative experiences and a respite from the constraints of everyday life. With "Desert Dreamscapes," you too can embark on this soul-stirring journey.
Immerse yourself in the ethereal splendor of a desert night sky, adorned with holographic moon halos and a myriad of stars that twinkle above. Hand-painted wildlife gracefully soar and leap amidst the dreamy vista, their presence adding a touch of enchantment to the glittering cacti that punctuate the landscape. Beneath the layers of resin lies a world of psychedelic beauty, with highly pigmented backgrounds flowing in a mesmerizing palette and vibrant hues that evoke adventure seeking emotions. Delight in the color-changing pigments that dance across the surface with Claudine's self created holographic and crackling techniques, reveal the cracks in our perceived reality, a visual representation of the fragile nature of existence.
These original pieces are an extraordinary addition to any space, infusing your home with an aura of mysticism and a connection to the timeless wonders of the desert. Allow "Desert Dreamscapes" to transport you to a realm where imagination and reality intertwine, where the enchanting beauty of the desert unveils its secrets.


In my captivating Nautical Whimsy resin series, I delve into the fluidity of sea breezes and swirling waves. Each element, from the graceful seagulls with their feathered wings and webbed feet, to the vibrant palette of warm and cold colors, serves as a symbolic portrait of the harmony between air and water, ocean and sky. The resin application grants these pieces a lustrous, ocean-like surface, adorned with glimmering sparkles that resemble the dance of sunlight on water. These one-of-a-kind originals boast remarkable depth created through multiple layers, achieving an almost three-dimensional effect. My ultimate goal is to transport viewers into a captivating world of colorful ocean adventures, where seagulls glide along through the currents, marine life playfully frolic in the waves, and sunsets and shooting stars grace the sky.