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Claudine Carmel

“A charming, wildly imaginative introduction to a brave new girl.”


Claudine Carmel is an artist and children's author. Art has been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember, and she pours her heart and soul into creating vibrant and joy-filled artworks. Claudine's compositions, whether in acrylic or mixed media and resin, capture the essence of fleeting moments in nature, from the delicate dance of light on water to the ephemeral glow of sunlight through foliage, these soul soothing pieces freeze elusive seconds in time, preserving their beauty on canvas for a lifetime. Her writing has been recognized with the prestigious Kirkus star, twice, and inclusion in Kirkus Reviews' best books of the year for 2014 and 2015. Having dedicated over a decade to studying film production and screenwriting, Claudine's writing spans various genres and formats, ranging from children's books to novels and screenplays. Raised in a seaside town on the picturesque south coast of England and currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, Claudine draws immense inspiration from her surroundings.

“The second installment of the series is just as wildly imaginative and fun as the first. A wild tale helmed by a charmingly clever kid.”


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